Former UMSU exec. running for the NDP


Rachel Heinrichs, who was on the University of Manitoba Student’s Union executive last year (2007-2008) is the NDP candidate in the Winnipeg South Centre riding. Heinrichs has also served as treasurer for the CFS-MB board, as well as the Manitoba representative on the CFS-national board. Prior to this she was campaign manager for former UMSU president Garry Sran when he ran for his first term.

The riding is currently held by Liberal MP Anita Neville who handily won the riding in 2006 with a more than 3,000 vote lead over the second place Tory candidate. Nevertheless, the Winnipeg Free Press says the riding is one to watch, as the Tories are running former Blue Bomber kicker Trevor Kennerd.

Heinrichs is a recent addition to the race, as the NDP appears to have had trouble finding a candidate for about a week after the writ was dropped. In 2006, the NDP finished third about 4,000 votes behind the Tories and 7,000 votes behind the Liberals.

If you know of any other student politicos running in the election, please email me: carsonjerema@gmail.com

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Former UMSU exec. running for the NDP

  1. Steven Fletcher is running for re-election in Charleswood for the Conservatives again, but other than that I think that’s it for Manitoba. The NDP does have a lot of young candidates in Manitoba this time around though (although only one of them is in a riding that the NDP is strong in).

    In the provincial election last year former UMSU President Chris Kozier ran for the PCs unsuccessfully and Steve Ashton was UMSU President sometime in the 70s.

  2. Chris Durrant is representing the NDP in the riding of Beauséjour in NB. He’s currently a student and involved with the SU, Senate and the campus paper.


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