Frat suspended after hazing allegations

UAlberta’s DKE chapter cannot book events, use school equipment or university logo until ‘further notice’


Following allegations of extreme hazing practices, the University of Alberta chapter of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity has had its status as a student group at the U of A suspended by university administration.

The suspension went into place Oct. 28 and will last “until further notice,” the U of A Dean of Students Frank Robinson announced at a press conference yesterday afternoon, according to the Gateway. “I’ve taken this action under the Code of Student Behaviour, which empowers me, as Dean, with the authority to immediately suspend a student group if I reasonably believe that the group’s activities have endangered or could potentially endanger the health, safety, and well-being of students,” Robinson said.

As a result of the suspension, the DKE chapter will no longer be able to take advantage of the privledges afforded to students groups at the U of A. As of Thursday, they will no longer be able to use university space for events and activities on campus, university equipment, or the university logo or insignia until the suspension is lifted.

However, members of the fraternity will not be penalized individually, aside from the impact on their group.


Frat suspended after hazing allegations

  1. This is an overreaction. Hazing adds character to an otherwise boorish campus club, and furthermore can generate an unusual amount of fun and excitement in members.

  2. I definitely got some lulz out of steve’s comment above. You do realize that boorish is meant to mean rough and uncultured, right? I think hazing would fit in that category quite well.

    The investigation is still ongoing, and there will probably be further action from the university and maybe even from DKE international.

    We need to make a statement that these sophomoric tendencies aren’t welcome at the U of A. I hope the final response will ensure that.