George Brown College faces class action lawsuit -

George Brown College faces class action lawsuit

Students allege college misled them about industry designations


A class action lawsuit alleging a Toronto college misled students about what they would get out of a business program has received certification from a judge to proceed.

Two former students of George Brown College’s international business management program allege it didn’t have the ability to confer the industry designations it promised. They launched the lawsuit in October 2008, seeking $10 million in damages and an Ontario Superior Court judge has now certified it as a class action suit representing 119 former students.

The allegations have not been proven in court.

The students say they paid as much as $11,000 to attend the eight-month program. The calendar said the program would provide students with “the opportunity to complete three industry designations/certifications” in addition to a graduate certificate from the college, according to the students’ statement of claim.

Upon completion they learned they wouldn’t be receiving the industry designations referred to in the course calendar, the students allege. In his decision, Justice George R. Strathy said most students would have read the calendar description and that the prominence given to the industry designations would suggest they were significant.

“A class action will provide access to justice to a vulnerable group of students, many of whom are from different lands and culture,” Strathy wrote. “Class members may lack the individual resources, initiative and sophistication to pursue legal action on their own and may be intimidated by the legal process.”

Of the 119 former students, 78 were international students who don’t live in Canada — most of them coming from either China or India.

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George Brown College faces class action lawsuit

  1. I have a very recent history with another Edu. Instit. within shouting range of this one and regarding the exact same issue . These people took the money and ran after operating for quite some time though (but is there really any difference here ?) , leaving a lot of people without a job , a recognized certificate , and minus quite a substantial amount of $$$s . The unbelievable point to be made here is the institution pumped out a lot of “Certificates” over a protracted period of time that were the equivalent in value to a quarter of a cup of coffee . We never even made it to the point of ANY legal action . A sad day for confidence in our system and necessary ( but wait – is there any ?) consumer protection . Seems as though standards ( but wait again – is there any here as well ?) are set pretty low to enable one to advertise to unsuspecting public as a credible org. that will “Certify” you upon succesful completion of their indicated curriculum . Is there any one out there who cares to hear the story regarding this situation ? Mike

  2. They Need regulation in place to close the Toronto School of Buisness for good Ie Everrest College Trios college and all these independant schools that keep getting accredited as well as the minister whom is in charge of the creditations to be fired and held accountable for the actions they have allowed to happen to countless people who attend schools in our country and cities..

    The Minister whom keeps allowing these types of schools to operate in canada i think the minister not the tax payers of canada should be paying out of pocket for this mess..

    Obviously these schools are a scam and they knew this when handing them the right to be classified as a school.

    GBC is a joke half the teachers can barely speak english the rest favor certin students over others and as a RECENT 2009-2010 student this isnt how it was ten or five years ago this is how it is..

    I will not be returning to George Brown.

    they teach ethics then the student association uses Run Dmcs logo to promote events calling it RUN GBC this is a ethics issue as copy write infringement is not accepted in the real world !!

  3. Its time students become accoutable for their own decisions. Ontario is becoming a Joke and the only people making money from absurd decisions are greedy class action law firms.

  4. Hi everyone
    I am currently attending Evergreen College downtown Toronto and they switched the curriculum after I started in 2009 and in March 2010 they said now I have to go back to school or I can not get my certificate and diploma. I am soo lost on where to turn to legal aid wont help, the director won’t help any suggestions?

  5. Bravo. The Minister and the heads of these private institutions ought to be investigated for fraud, perpetrated on the students These institutions especially trios college, are using OSAP and other public funding schemes as their cash cows. These institutions are no better than overprized correspondence colleges and to receive approval or accredidation from the government is a monumental travesty. I am contemplating suing trios college.

  6. I am not shocked at what I am reading I was forced by WSIB to attend one of these ridiculous colleges.; I was given an old accounting textbook told to read it for 20 minutes then was told that i had a 2 hr exam that I had to get 80%. I had never even looked at accounting before…I tried to explain this to my instructor whom glared at me and said “well you have no choices here do you, so i suggest you suck it up and get working”. I was the only pupil in the class so I think he felt that he could say or do what he pleased. He taught me nothing in-fact he did nothing but sit around on the phone the whole day talking to his girlfriend and the third day he conducted a 3 hr interview while I was trying read and absorb totally useless information. The interviewee finally spoke up and voiced his concerns that conducting a personal interview in the presence of a student was in bad taste and disruptive for the student(me) he then left stating that this job was not appropriate for him. Thankfully I was able to get registered for a real college soon after that and I am doing fine…
    I am having difficulty understanding how our Government can now offer the Second Career Program distributed by all of these bogus schools.

  7. For those of you writing Post about Private Colleges obviously are not very smart as George Brown College is a “Public Community College”. Also note the problem is stupid lying students and greedy lawyers and not the fine institutes you criticized. People must take responsibility for their own actions and the Ontario Government must place laws to stop the abuse of educational institutes by lawyers and liars.

  8. I was a part-time student prior to enrolling as a full time in the Health Information Management program; I took 6 courses in which I got exempted. However, I did not get any refund for those courses. Unfortunately, I did not pass one class the third semester, and the coordinator of the program restricted me from taking 3 courses in the fourth semester, now; they don’t want to give me refund for theses three courses. If I want to re take those three courses I have to pay the full amount of each individual course. I am very upset, this is unfair. I am seriously considering taking a legal action, I just don’t know where to start, I have not money therefore I cannot continue my studies.