Globe and Mail joins calls for McGuinty to order CUPE 3903 back-to-work


Thursday’s editorial is now online:

“the time for mediation is over. To discourage CUPE from shutting down more campuses when it can, the Premier [McGuinty] should heed the Opposition’s calls to promptly legislate an end to the strike.”

I’m expecting we’ll see more of the same on the editorial and opinion pages of the other Toronto-based papers as they upload overnight.


Globe and Mail joins calls for McGuinty to order CUPE 3903 back-to-work

  1. Thanks for nothing, Dalton.

  2. You know what really pisses me off? That back to work legislation is almost impossible due to the legal challenges presented here:

    So what do we do when we have public service unions trying desperately to grab at imaginary bags of gold? I highly doubt the Ontario government is going to give York any cash to end this strike.

  3. The Globe, The Post, The Star and the Sun all had editorials today calling for back to work legislation. Obviously a vast right wing-left wing capitalist-socialist conspiracy against the working striker.

    It’s all very well for Dalton to tell the mediator to “bang a few heads together” but I think most people would settle for CUPE’s head to be banged against its list of 75 outstanding demands. If that doesn’t work BTW legislation should be enacted immediately. Then at least Dalton can hear the sound of one hand clapping.

  4. Trinity, you’re absolutely right- but BTW legislation isn’t going to be effective because of the legal obstacles it faces. Dalton the dolt could enact the legislation, which would be challenged by CUPE in the courts, thus dragging the strike on. Thankfully, I don’t give 2 craps anymore because my my classes are resuming on Monday. In your face, CUPE!

  5. Coleman’s absolutely right to comment that only back to work legislation will end the strike. York’s Admin shows no commitment to collective bargaining, and this behaviour needs to be rewarded.

  6. there are no legal obstacles to back to work legislation as the province well knows. it buys Dalton a few days so the mediators can decide whether the cupe team are on mars or pluto.

    My money’s on the dwarf planet and BTW. Then 3903 goes down in history as the union that brought BTW to the University sector. A fitting epitaph for the keystone cupes.

  7. No Trinity, you are unfortunately wrong. CUPE will challenge the ruling under the charter of rights and freedoms (the right of association).

    Read this:

  8. CUPE can do what it wants but I assure you they will be legislated back to work. I dearly hope CUPE 3903 isn’t getting its legal advice from a blog on the employer’s website.

  9. The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty stands behind the striking CUPE 3903 workers until the bitter end, just as you have supported us morally and financially for more than a decade.

    And if the province were to force back to work legislation I hope CUPE 3903 would not follow such undemocratic laws.

  10. So OCAP thinks back to work legislation is legally feasible. Thanks for the confirmation.

    I presume OCAP will be raising money for the students who have been impoverished by this strike or does OCAP only stand against theoretical poverty? Real poverty is so messy after all – not neat and clean like ideology.

    If BTWL is passed by the legislature (with or without the NDP)it is by definition democratic. You may or may not like it but there is no question that it is democratic.

  11. The ironic part is that because of the strike, enrollment for next year is way down… which means that a pile of CUPE 3903 workers are probably going to be laid off anyways.

    Good job.

  12. That article Joey points out gives me hope that even public service unionism has limits to it’s power. Adam Smith’s invisible hand is gonna bitch-slap 3903!