Governor general earned more than $1 million in 2010

As president of the University of Waterloo, David Johnston was the highest paid academic in Ontario


Governor general David Johnston was the highest paid academic in Ontario for 2010. Johnston earned $1,056,813 as president of the University of Waterloo, a post he held until being sworn in for his current role last fall. In fact, not only was Johnston the highest paid academic in the province, he was the second highest paid public servant overall, according to the government’s sunshine list which publishes the names of public employees who earn more than $100,000. Ontario Power Generation President and CEO Tom Mitchell topped the list at $1,335,000.

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Governor general earned more than $1 million in 2010

  1. This is beyond outrageous. Particularly as a Waterloo grad, I can think of at least $500,000 worth of better ways to spend this money. Perhaps paying TAs adequately for their time? Student aid?

  2. The is scandalous.

    • Scandalous? No, he doesn’t set his own wage. It bugs me that whenever someone makes a lot of money, somehow it has to be a scandal. If someone is getting paid to much, complain when it’s happening and help get it changed, but don’t demonize someone for making money. People don’t get paid what they are worth; they get paid for what they think they are worth.

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  4. How revealing is this. No doubt another good old boy feeding greedily from the public trough. I can now see why he was Harper’s choice for Governor General. They breathe the same rarified air while the rest of us breathe their stench.

  5. As a Waterloo student, I don’t think this is too outrageous, especially compared to the equivalent salaries in American schools. His salary was typically $400-$500k: presumably this bump was due to retirement bonuses. We should be commending him for forgoing continued pay to continue to serve Canadians in his capacity as GG.

  6. I’m a Waterloo student, and while of course I wish my tuition would go down, etc., let’s not forget that Dr. Johnston brought in hundreds of millions of dollars to Waterloo over his tenure. And as was mentioned, if you look at previous years, his salaray was closer to 500K, so there were likely some bonuses included in the $1M figure.

  7. Why is it such an issue for an educator when athletes and entertainers are not given the same scrutiny. Wake up and smell the roses. If you got it, celebrate it. By the way, I am a Professor in EAstern Canada. While we do not have these salary levels, it is still worth it.

    • It’s an issue in sports and entertainment and everywhere else including education…….glorified self importance is rampant. The job is a nice worthwhile satisfying placement and the job should pay well very well ‘this guys really good’ 200 300 400 thousand a year but greed is just as dispicable and disgusting and it matters not what you do for a living.

      • Greed? You’ve no idea the content of the man’s character and you can’t make that determination from a person’s income. You can however judge a person by their whining complaints over another man’s good fortune.

  8. I am an old age pensioner. I live on $1500 a month. Not mch I an say to his earning a million a year

  9. He personally brought in “hundreds of millions”? This is an outrageous abuse of money at a publicly-funded institution which seems to think itself more an adjunct of its corporate neighbours than a university. All that money didn’t mean that I ever felt adequately paid as a TA or that facilities were up to date. It’s disgusting.

  10. What I really want to know is how anyone can justify his salary or anyones that makes over 100k a year for that matter.

    100k a year is enough for a family of 4 to live comfortably on and induldge in some greed for self satisfaction to relieve the stress of seeing all the toys the other greedy people own.

    Here’s and idea. . . dont pay anyone in the “public service” sector more than 100k a year. Any that quit can and will be replaced in short order by hard working individuals who would happily take a “low paying” 100k a year.

    This would allow the tax rates to be lowered significantly or allow for them to stay where they are and maybe the government could churn out a budget that wasnt another billion dollar deficit waiting to happen.

    Just my 2 cents. . . which I can afford to spare on an combined household salary of under 100k and still have enough money left to own frivilous things like the computer I used to make this comment.

  11. Oink, oink, oink! There goes my tuition money!

  12. A million dollars isn’t all salary — it includes various pension contributions, probably a housing allowance and so on. The scandal is not what Dr. Johnston received. The real scandal is better captured by these facts:
    Lee Raymond, former CEO at Exxon, retired a couple of years ago with a $460 million golden handshake. What did he do for the world that justified that?
    Jim Shaw retired from Shaw Communications last December at age 53. His pension: $6 million per year, for life. And he’d already received $8 million in salary in 2010 alone! Google ‘Jim Shaw retirement pension’ if you want to get truly outraged. Outrage about Dr. Johnston’s compensation, who moved mountains at Waterloo, is misplaced.

  13. What is so disturbing about Johnston, is not so much his salary, is that he has bought into all the monarchical GG crap and looks like he’s going to be a Harper yes-man all the way. How could the erstwhile head of Canada’s most prestigious theoretical physics university, one that Stehpen Hawking thinks is so good, be party to a government whose science minister all but denies evolution?


    It boggles the mind how Johnston does not find this GG post a downright insult to his academic principles. Perhaps I rate academics way too highly.
    Never mind the money, it’s his principles that are disgusting.

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