Guelph rugby team suspended

Drunken party involved “an initiation”


The University of Guelph’s men’s rugby team is suspended for two games over an off-campus party.

Athletics director Tom Kendall told The Globe and Mail that a Sept. 17 party violated the school’s athletics code because of misuse of alcohol and an initiation. “It’s more the alcohol,” Kendall said. “Nobody was hurt and the police weren’t involved. It wasn’t severe in that sense, it wasn’t a hazing incident,” he added, although he said it’s “not 100 per cent clear” what type of initiation occurred.

St. Thomas University in Fredericton, N.B. recently unveiled its draft student behaviour code, which imposes up to $500 fines and possible expulsion for incidents of hazing at off-campus gatherings where more than two STU students are present. That policy was developed after a STU student died from injuries at a party where excessive drinking and hazing reportedly occurred.

Guelph’s Gryphons rugby team will forfeit two upcoming games, against Toronto and McMaster.


Guelph rugby team suspended

  1. Hogwash
    UoG has overstepped it jurisdiction. Private residence. Not a university sponsored athletic party. No uniforms worn, participants not representing the university. The decision to suspend was not made on the presence of alcohol but on the fact that beer was dispensed from a keg, which is forbidden in the Code of Conduct fine print for university athletic events. There were actually 2 parties. The rugby group gathered from 3-6 pm in a meet & greet event for the juniors to mingle with veteran players. This occurs every year off campus. A second party at the same residence began later in the evening, which was the loud boisterous party to which the neighbours complained about noise and raunchy behavior.

    Someone at the U deemed after the fact that this was a UoG Rugby party, then by which they could invoke the no keg rule. There was no hazing as originally claimed by the U when they launched their investigation. A number of the participants voluntarily had their hair cut to military or crew style.

    Seems the athletic admin feels they have jurisdiction over private property, freedom of association and freedom of expression. Dangerous precedent. This is political correctness running amock.

  2. It’s a sad day for athletics at the university of Guelph when “political correctness” takes precedence over student athletics. These students are adults at an off campus party by invitation only….

    It’s time to hold the administrators in the department of student services and athletics at UGuelph accountable for this CYA decision not the student athletes..!! Pity and shame on administrators at University of Guelph

  3. I’m a Guelph alumnus, and my understanding is that varsity athletes know that there are certain standards of behaviour to which they are expected to conform both ON and OFF campus (certainly we were all well aware of these when I attended Guelph; perhaps things have changed recently). These players did not abide by the code of conduct with regards to alcohol, and so they were disciplined.

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