Guelph student organizes topless festival -

Guelph student organizes topless festival

Honours woman who won freedom to bare all


Photo courtesy of Michaël Boulenger on Flickr

Women and men should revel in their right to go shirtless, says University of Guelph student Lindsay Webb, aged 22. That’s why she’s organized the second annual Top Freedom Day of Pride in Guelph, Ont. where that freedom was fought for and won fifteen years ago, she told the Guelph Mercury.

In 1991, Gwen Jacob, then a University of Guelph student herself, was convicted of an indecent act after she walked home from campus with her breasts in full view. Her 1996 appeal made it legal for women to go topless in Ontario anytime and anywhere.

The Top Freedom Arts Festival will be held in Riverside Park on Aug. 20 with plenty of music for men and women to bounce around to. Webb told the newspaper that she was surprised by the number of men who merely stood around to watch topless women last year. This year, she said she hopes more of them will take off their own shirts and enjoy the party.


Guelph student organizes topless festival

  1. Webb was surprised that men stood around staring at topless women. Really? REALLY???

    I consider myself a feminist. I have nothing against women walking around topless, or at least nothing more than men walking around topless (public nipples are kind of an issue for both sexes, in my opinion), but what do you think will happen if you take a whole bunch of women and have them bouncing around without shirts? Still wondering? How about you go to your friendly neighbourhood strip club and check out what men are doing there, then report back to me. I’ll wait

    You’re back! What? The men are sitting there watching the women bounce around? Amazing! I’m guessing they’re enjoying themselves too …

    Webb wants the men to enjoy the party this year? That’s nice of her but I think they enjoyed it just the way they wanted to last year …

    • Is Webb as stupid as she appears to be? Or is she just looking for attention.