Hardware stolen from University of Victoria turns up in mailbox

Strange apology inside


Some of the computer hardware stolen from the University of Victoria earlier this month was found by a postal worker in a letter box in Langford, B.C. Saanich Police say that all of the laptops and flash drives had been rendered inoperable, although a copy of the information was included, along with a note that police are calling “a strange twist.” CBC News reports that the note says the following: “The information in these bags was not copied, distributed or exploited” and “we want no part of everyday people living in fear that their personal information is being used against them to take [their] hard-earned money. Criminals are human before they were criminals.”  The police are scratching their heads. “Whether it is simply altruism or regret on the part of the suspects or whether it is something more sinister, is unclear to investigators,” they wrote. The computer hardware contained the unencrypted banking information and the social insurance numbers of up to 13,000 current and former employees.


Hardware stolen from University of Victoria turns up in mailbox

  1. It should be required of all institutions that have to deal with such personal information as bank accounts on a daily basis to encrypt the aforementioned information as a courtesy to the trust given to an institution. Whether or not the computers were stolen shouldn’t matter to the security of personal information.

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