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Harvard student pleads guilty to academic fraud

Student who faked his way into university gets 10 years probation


A student who forged transcripts and letters of recommendation to get into Harvard University has plead guilty to charges of larceny and identify fraud. According to the Boston Globe Adam Wheeler “was arrested and indicted this spring on 20 counts after an investigation showed he had spent the last three years plagiarizing the writings of others while collecting awards for his academic prowess both at Harvard and, before that, at Bowdoin College in Maine.” When applying to Harvard he falsified grades and letters of recommendation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a prestigious prep school despite never having attended either institution. He also claimed to speak Armenian fluently and to have published several books. Wheeler who says he is “ashamed and embarrassed” has been sentenced to 10 years probation and has been fined $45,800 by Middlesex Superior Court.

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Harvard student pleads guilty to academic fraud

  1. However guilty Adam Wheeler may have been, it is the dependence on uppity prep schools and snooty institutions by Harvard Admissions is not being brought to light. Adam committed a crime but why, it is because of the barriers set so high. Why not have a lottery once a year for a few seats and that is for those who did not make it the usual way -great marks, references, prep school background etc.. The idea is very similar to the US immigration lottery scheme. How about that?