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Hate crime at Harvard

LGBT books vandalized with urine


Harvard police are investigating a possible hate crime after the university filed a complaint over vandalized books on Friday. All of the approximately 40 books that were vandalized, allegedly with urine, addressed topics related to Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgendered issues, student paper, the Crimson reported on Sunday. When library staff discovered the vandalism an empty bottle that appeared to have contained urine was also found. “The [Harvard University Police Department] has zero tolerance for any bias-related incidents or crimes,” a police spokesman told the Crimson. The Harvard College Queer Students and Allies group called the case “disconcerting.”

UPDATE: False alarm: no hate crime at Harvard

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Hate crime at Harvard

  1. It’s hard to simply make thought crime illegal, so they’ve made it illegal in conjunction with other crimes, with it’s own special punishments. Next step, thought crime will be illegal by itself. The so-called intelligent community of Harvard does not care. What an outrage.

  2. Are you an idiot?
    When you’re dumping urine all over library books it has kind of stepped well past the point of “thought” and become action.

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