How to get into university -

How to get into university

A video application for Canadian schools


Pen and paper for university applications is the way of the past–or so it’s starting to seem. This year, Tufts University in the U.S. started encouraging applicants to send in videos. Which led us to wonder: what would applications for Canadian universities look like if they picked up on the trend?


How to get into university

  1. Actually, this is nowhere near as weird as the actual Tufts videos posted on YouTube.

  2. Hilarious, I think it is time for your own TV show!!!

  3. Off the charts brilliant and hilarious…such great characters…for the sake of bringing joy to the world you need to have your own show!!

  4. Its time for own show for sure, brilliant!!!!

  5. What a waste of bandwidth and time. No wonder we’re doomed for the future if this is the budding trend.

    How about a novel idea…WRITE A COHERENT ESSAY to apply to your university of choice. My university experience was painful, watching supposed high school graduates have to be re-taught the “cheeseburger method” of writing essays…in THIRD year.

    Only if you’re applying to a communications program should you be allowed to submit a video application. Math geeks should have to write a proof showing why they’re acceptable candidates. Don’t forget your trig identities.