I dare you to lick Guelph’s fingies

Guelph’s E-coli breakout may have been caused by “improper handwashing”


According to medical officer Dr. Nicola Mercer, a recent outbreak of E. coli at the University of Guelph may have been caused by get this “improper hand washing” — by an ill food-services employee.

Read: somebody didn’t wash their hands and then touched other people’s food.

Apparently, the food at most universities is fine. In fact, Guelph is proud to say that it’s ranked #1 in Canada for Campus food, five years running, by The Globe and Mail’s University Report Card (the lesser, evil-twin wannabe of the Maclean’s Rankings Issue).

This particular strain of E. coli is called 0157:H7, possibly Ancient Biologist code for, “Someone didn’t wash their fingies.” Dr. Mercer, the acting medical officer of health for Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph, was quoted in The Record as saying that the strain is“particularly nasty.”

There have been eight confirmed cases, and the outbreak is now believed to be over.

Never mind people from the 18th century: Guelph University is the new standard for minimum hygiene standards. When my ten-year-old brother doesn’t brush his teeth right away in the morning, wafting sweet sewage waste and soggy barn into the kitchen, he’s now, “Pulling a Guelph.”

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I dare you to lick Guelph’s fingies

  1. I come here for clear, well-written journalism, not a foray into Tiny Talent Time. “Evil-twin wannabe”? “I dare you to lick Guelph’s fingies”? Are you kidding me? Is this how far Macleans has devolved?

  2. Actually, I will.

    Scott, as much as I admire your writing, this time your way offbase.
    These incidents can occur anywhere. Actually, they occur in many different places.

    I’ve eaten at the University of Guelph plenty of times and have to say they have some of the best food in the country.

    I often visited friends at UoGuelph and always went out of my way to eat the food there. When I travel up there in the morning, I make a point of eating at the food court in the University Centre.

    They make the best omelettes. The food in their Maritime Hall residence meal hall is excellent.

    I feel completely confident eating there and will be doing so again in the near future.

  3. And I suppose that if the outbreak had been at Waterloo that no one at Guelph would have mentioned it? I guess I’m going to hell in handbasket because I shop at a local deli and I happened to mention the tainted sandwiches at Loblaws.

    Tiny Talent Time? I’m old enough to have watched the original, but yet I still appreciate that “well written journalism” can have a young and sometimes irreverent perspective.

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