I (heart) Chris Drew


On March 17, I attended the Bob Rae event on by-election day. One of the most popular people in the room was Chris Drew. Drew is the President of the Toronto-Centre Young Liberals and Vice-President Finance of the Ryerson Students Union.

One of the most popular items in the room was a sticker stating "I ♥ Chris Drew."

Here’s Chris Drew with the genius behind the stickers; Denise Lam.


Bob Rae posing with Toronto-Centre’s man of international mystery. (6th picture)

And yes, for the record, I have a sticker as well.

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I (heart) Chris Drew

  1. Just so folks are aware, those stickers were made by my friends for my Ontario Young Liberal (OYL) Policy Director election campaign. I don’t want you the public to think that I go around with stickers of myself! My campaign manager had some stickers left and for some reason people kept asking about them even after the OYL AGM where I was elected.

    I was honoured to be elected and I’m looking forward to being an active Policy Director for the OYL.

    I would also disagree that I was one of the ‘most popular’ people in the room. I was merely a volunteer on the Bob Rae campaign and I am happy that he was elected as the Member of Parliament for Toronto Centre.

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