Infographic: They work hard for their money

How Canadian university students are paying their bills


The typical Canadian university student spends four years blowing borrowed money on clothes, music and liquor, right? That may be the stereotype, but it’s not the reality. The Canadian University Survey Consortium’s 2012 study of more than 15,000 graduating students shows that six in 10 are working, the vast majority pay off their credit card bills each month and only one-third have more than $20,000 in debt. Here’s an infographic that shows how students are paying their bills.


Infographic: They work hard for their money

  1. One part of the figure is pretty misleading. Headline says “How much credit card debt do they have?”; response is given as “9 in 10 have credit cards”, and goes on to say that of those that do, 8 in 10 pay their balance each month. So the number that actually have credit card debt is about 16%.

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