International flair at Carleton U. -

International flair at Carleton U.

Our latest Campus Style photos


Maclean’s photographers are back in Toronto, but our Campus Style blog isn’t done yet. Here’s the sartorial scoop at Carleton University, courtesy of Michel Ghanem. After clicking each of his photos, why not show us what you’re wearing? Tweet a shot to @maconcampus or email us.

As a campus style blogger for The Charlatan student newspaper this fall, I’ve witnessed a wide variety of colours, textures, prints and combinations on students rushing past to class. Carleton’s large international student population and overall cultural diversity definitely came through in these wardrobes. It will be interesting to see how we all bundle up for the harsh Ottawa winter ahead.


International flair at Carleton U.

  1. Boy… this is really important stuff!

    How stupid of me to miss out on all this while doing 7 1/2 years of university, at 3 universities, and completing a B.Sc., a high level teaching certificate, work with E.S.L. projects, an M.Ed., and a full thesis, while maintaining high marks.

    What was I thinking? Studying so hard and for so long. Working on the side. Gee, all I had to do was dress “fancy”!

    Could we please stick to the important issues?

    • Don’t like the topic?
      Then don’t read it.

      All the best with your PhD in Lightening Up~

  2. Now, now, Sanverde, I’m all for the occasional light-hearted piece every now and then, but this little “fashion” series Macleans OnCampus keeps presenting IS pretty ridiculous . . . that, and the whole “what students are talking about today” series, which has only taught me that students don’t seem to be talking about anything worthwhile most of the time.

    So I second David Constable’s sentiments on this one.