I try not to do this, but if you’ve ever spent time in a university lecture, go and read this blogpost. Here’s the highlight for me:

A manuscript hand-copied book back in 1000 cost roughly the same share of average annual income as $50,000 is today.

The point is often made that the lecture format hasn’t changed in a millenia. That being said, I’ve yet to find a better way to impart most information than a good lecturer armed with chalk and board. Powerpoint slides or any sort of technology in the classroom have yet to produce any real gains for me. Admittedly, maybe a function of what I study, but still, I wouldn’t dream of replacing the lecture with anything else.

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  1. A lot of my profs use tablet PCs and a projector and upload the notes to the internet after class. It has the same effect of writing on the board, however I find it helps because I can concentrate on the lecture instead of frantically writing. But I suppose the best format also depends on the type of class as well.

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