Is "Time Up for Tenure?" -

Is “Time Up for Tenure?”


Laurie Fendrich, a professor at Hofstra University, believes so. In a post in the Brainstorm blog on The Chronicle of Higher Education website, she states that tenure does more harm than it’s worth.

Her commentary is well worth the read.

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Is “Time Up for Tenure?”

  1. In some sense I would agree. Academic freedom (which is, if you think of it, a stronger version of free speech) should be a core value of the university, but it should exist across the board (including students who have the right to disagree with their professor’s ideology without being punished) rather than belong to the elite among the profs.

    Also, the fact that junior profs get “bullied”, as the author says, might explain why many tenured profs don’t have much of a spine either.