Jill’s Big Roommate Post

My new roommate and some fun roommate-related links.


2819716724_1208019a4aThe image on the left is from this person. And it’s exactly what all dorm rooms look like. (Ha.)

Anyway. I got my roommate assignment recently and we’ve been corresponding. And I think… I think I love her.

Well, no. But she sounds like a pretty chill chick. My last roommate and I didn’t get along great at first but now we’re pretty tight. She decided to be all “Oooers. I’m too cool to live in the dorm.” and got herself an apartment. So, now, I’ve got Lauren.

Lauren is a former ballet dancer. She trained for ten years and even danced for six months in Germany. After several injuries, she decided to give it up and go to culinary school. (So, she’s going to bake me stuff. Ha.)

She likes Death Cab For Cutie and Bright Eyes. Thus, I think we’ll be very good pals. I plan to assimilate her into my little group of friends. Shouldn’t be too hard, she seems really funny and friendly.

And now for some fun roommate-related links.

And now, for some helpful links. (Boring, I know. But it must be done.)


Jill’s Big Roommate Post

  1. Awesome! Thanks for all the links! I haven’t lived with roommates in years, so this year is going to be a challenge methinks!
    Hope you and your roommate get along perfectly in real life!

  2. Hi Jill:

    Thanks for the warm welcome to OnCampus blogging. Am on the lookout for a new roommate, so this last post was useful.