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Annie Prud homme Genereux asks “Is there room for private universities in Canada? Are there benefits? Should it be allowed?”

I say yes, there is room for private universities and will contribute to the discussion.

What do you think? Add your throughts:

Private vs. public education – start the discussion!

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Join the discussion at In the classroom!

  1. Big surprise that the ultra conservative Joey Coleman supports the privatization of our education system. What are we doing going backwards in time? Do we actually have to engage in a discussion about why the further privatization of our education system will destroy it and make it even less fair and acessible than it is now.
    Maybe we can privatize our entire health care system at the same time? Joey at least you never pretend to be a balanced, objective and fair journalist.

  2. Really?

    Saying “there is room for private universities” makes me “ultra conservative” and means I support the privatization of our education system?

    Maybe you didn’t realize but “public” universities are actually publicly funded private institutions.

    The real question here is if I support some of these private institutions operating without public funds. I do, provided they are non-profit operations. The more universities the better, competition drives innovation and Canadian undergraduate education could use a good shake-up.

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