Just four Canadian universities in new Times ranking

Australia has 14, Hong Kong has five


University of Calgary (By Kevin Saff/Flickr)

Earlier this week, QS released their first-ever Top 50 under 50 university rankings. They used the same criteria as they used for the Top 300, but only included universities founded in 1962 or later.

The point is to level the playing field for younger institutions that may lack big endowments, extensive alumni networks or prestige.

Now, Times Higher Education out of London, U.K. has released a similar list: the Top 100 under 50.

Just like in the QS Top 50, the University of Calgary (#28) and Simon Fraser University (#30) appear high on the Times list. Unlike the QS ranking, the University of Victoria isn’t there at all.

The University of Guelph shows up at #50 and Concordia University in Montreal is #91.

But that’s where it ends for Canada—just four universities. Much like on the QS Top 50, Canada has fewer young contenders per captia than the Asian Tigers (Hong Kong has four, Taiwan has five) and Australia, which has a smaller population but 14 universities on the list. The U.S. has eight.

One explanation for our poor showing is that some of our better universities just missed the 50-year cutoff. Waterloo was founded in 1957. Carleton was founded in 1942.

There are other possible explanations too.

While it’s hard to say why Canada didn’t do better, it matters. Australia is a major competitor for international students. Rankings like these affect where the world’s best and brightest choose to study, spend money and, often, make their permanent home.

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Just four Canadian universities in new Times ranking

  1. “While it’s hard to say why Canada didn’t do better, it matters….Rankings like these affect where the world’s best and brightest choose to study…” I think that making one’s decision on the basis of lists “like these” means that one is not among the best and brightest.

  2. I agree with fjiefej – So many students are choosing universities based on these rankings now that they forget to consider whether the university is right for them.

  3. University of Calgary ? Really ? Calgary shouldn’t be in the top 300 of anything, unless it’s top 300 cities filled with overpriced vinyl siding clad suburban houses and an inexistent downtown night life. In which case it would be #1 no contest. I’d rather go to DeVry

  4. Carleton is NOT one of our better universities!!!

  5. Concordia is finally recognized as a world-class university.
    Concordia rocks!

  6. To push the issue further, though… do we even *know* that people make decisions based on these rankings? I mean, in my experience it’s only journalism types who seem to get worked up over them. Everyone else know how dumb they (the rankings!) are.

  7. East or West…. Concordia is the best……..