Kelly Lamrock is a popular guy


Kelly Lamrock, New Brunswick’s Education Minister is a popular guy these days, just look at these letters to the editor for proof.

My favourite is the letter by Amit Virmani stating:

"Did he [Kelly Lamrock] just check all that experience and will to fight for students at the door after leaving UNB/STU for the legislature? I figured being an MLA pays better than his former lobbyist position at the Canadian Federation of Students, but I could be wrong."


"It’s unfortunate to see him lobbying for change that is regressive and taking the province back in time"

Lamrock left the CFS and was a student lobbyist for the New Brunswick Student Alliance prior to becoming an MLA.

I enjoy the use of the term "regressive." We all know there is a huge regressive conspiracy movement happening in Canada.

Anyone interested in joining?

The meeting is at my place next Monday immediately following the Zionist media conspiracy meeting.

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Kelly Lamrock is a popular guy

  1. Well, either something’s in the water in N.B., or Kelly Lamrock has been behaving badly. A quick Google should settle the matter. But let me save you the time: not only is Kelly Lamrock dismantling an educational system that works — for there can be different opinions on that — but he shelved a report he didn’t like and commissioned another (at six times the cost) from an advocate of his own position, and a family friend. Then, he announced at the last minute, the Friday before March Break, that sweeping changes are going to take place in six months, this coming Sept. No consultation with the community. No concern for the families suddenly forced to change stream, or the teachers who have to try to implement his plan. Refusal to listen to any criticism. Insulting his opponents (he called them “un-Christian” in one interview). Ignoring the fact that every expert except for his own in-house people disagree strongly with what he is doing and how he got there.

    Yeah, I’d say there was something in the water. Kelly Lamrock’s water.

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