Laurier cuts volleyball teams -

Laurier cuts volleyball teams

Funding diverted to other varsity sports, and intramural programs


Wilfrid Laurier University has cut both its men’s and women’s volleyball teams. Athletics director Peter Baxter said the decision followed a program review of all varsity sports, and concluded that a doubling of the budget would be required for volleyball to be competitive. Neither team has had a winning season in at least four years. “If we cannot support a specific program financially to the level of excellence needed to compete at the provincial and national levels, then we must discontinue that program and use the resources to strengthen areas of need,” Baxter said in a statement. The decision is expected to save the university $112,000, funds that will be diverted to other teams as well as to intramural sports. Volleyball players who were offered scholarships will retain them for the coming year, and Laurier says it will aid players who wish to transfer to another university.

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