Lawsuit planned over violent Western arrest -

Lawsuit planned over violent Western arrest

Student, 22, is charged with resisting arrest, assaulting police and escaping custody


The lawyer for a University of Western Ontario student whose violent arrest last month was caught on video plans to file a lawsuit.

The 22-year-old man is charged with resisting arrest, assaulting a peace officer and escaping custody and will appear in court Nov. 19.

Police have said force was needed to subdue and arrest the man that they allege was threatening and combative.

Lawyer Phil Millar says the lawsuit has yet to be filed but it will likely involve the university, London police and campus police.

He also says his client, Irnes Zeljkovic, remains in a psychiatric hospital and “is not doing very well.”

Some Western students, meanwhile, plan to hold a rally later Wednesday against what they call police brutality.

Earlier this week, the university said the Oct. 14 incident would be reviewed independently by former provincial police commissioner Gwen Boniface while another review is conducted by London police.

– The Canadian Press

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Lawsuit planned over violent Western arrest

  1. Big surprise…the student is suing. Let me get this straight, in this day of cell phone cameras and video surveillance an individual resists the orders and physically fights against submission of law enforcement officers – first four and later six, and we are concerned they were too agressive?

    The individual while resisting looks over to the crowd as if to say – “you getting this?” As humans we will do remarkable and/or incomprehensible things if we feel the result is worth it. This guy either needs money or wants fame or requires some attention.

    Some of you need to open more than your eyes if you can’t see through this type of thing to what it really is. This guy deserves sympathy, but not for the physical results – he probably expected those, for the mental issues he clearly doesn’t realize he has.

    I say they should have tasered the guy. In fact, I suspect he may have been hoping for that to broaden the scope of potential legal action.