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Lethbridge congratulates “truther”

9/11 skeptic now works for magazine that denies holocaust


“Josh Blakely was appointed as a staff writer at Veterans Today which is a quite popular media venue based in the US. He has also appeared on several media outlets in the U.S. and Canada discussing his research area. Congratulations Josh!,” the University of Lethbridge wrote on their website last week.

We think they mean Josh Blakeney, the 9/11 conspiracy theorist who was hired as a columnist for Veterans Affairs. The National Post came to the same conclusion, questioning why Lethbridge would want to congratulate someone who goes to work for a magazine that suggests “the main purpose of keeping alive the Holocaust is to protect Jewish banking practices.”

This isn’t the first time Blakeney was in the news. His master’s thesis The Origins of the Global War on Terror: Intellectual Debates and Interpretive Controversies, generated an outcry because it was subsidized by an $8,000 Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship from the province of Alberta.

In a recent column for Veterans Affairs about the Sept. 11 “truther” conference in Toronto, Blakeney argues that 9/11 was a plot by anti-Islamic Israelis and that Islamic jihadists were not involved. He writes “documents going back to the 1980s, emanating from Tel Aviv rather than Washington… suggest that the “war on terrorism” was an Israeli inspired initiative.”


Lethbridge congratulates “truther”

  1. With all due respect to MacLean’s Magazine. I’ve seen enough of Blakeney’s ravings to come to the conclusion that he’s an antisemitic conspiracy nutter.

    Which squares with his frequent interviews on Iran’s Press TV as well as this completely marginal “Veteran’s Today” magazine.

    But then again, the University of Lethbridge has never been known to produce any Nobel Prize winners. It certainly puts into doubt the value of a degree from their facility.

  2. Take pride Canada!!! This is what our tax dollars support.

  3. Re-Edit
    I support the research and investigative reporting relating to the events of 9/11/01 by Joshua Blakeney. He and other progressive researchers bring to light for open-minded readers like myself a perspective resisted by most corporate controlled media.

    Joshua exposes terrorism for what it could really be. His commitment and contribution from researching the events of 9/11/01 can assure safety, understanding and better protection for future generations against the violence that comes from false flag, State sponsored terrorism.

    I would also suggest skeptics, open minded consumers of information take responsibility for themselves rather than relying on others to decide what’s worth the read and what’s not.

    A funny story (for me)- Recently I took personal responsibility for my own readership responsibility by finding a new dentist to replace my old. My old dentist insisted on leaving political MaCleans magazines laying around his waiting room every time I came in for a teeth cleaning.

    I complained that I’m here for my teeth and not political propaganda he insisted on leaving around his office. My new dentist assured me no political propaganda will be found in his waiting room office and said he was here to take care of my teeth only.

    Like-wise if your readers are offended by the questions on Holocaust at VT. then take responsibility for yourselves and choose wisely. Myself I’m not interested in the Holocaust question so I ignore those articles and freely read with out fear Joshua’s articles with no worry.

  4. My god , is this what journalism has become ? Name calling ? what are we in sixth grade ? So what if he questions what happened on 9/11. Anyone who looks at that day and the commission report know they have not be given ALL the facts. I mean the war games that day , WTC7, molten metal. Has the writer of this article looked up ae911truth.org. I don’t think so. My suggestion is to research before you write and to grow up Josh Dehaas.

  5. there are conections between Israel and the attacks on 9/11.the Israels have attacked the US twice before to get the Americains to attacke someone elts. the Lavron affair and the attack on the USS Liberty. as for the 9/11 attacks the “dancing Israels” in NJ knew it was going to happen and filmed it.they were interviewed on Israel TV.

  6. I think that the last two commenters are fans of The X Files. I hope no one steals your foil helmets.