Liberals promise RMC St-Jean would become full university

College lost its university status after spending cuts in the 1990s


If the Liberals win the election, they promise to elevate Royal Military College in St-Jean to a full-fledged university. Presently, students attend the college for their first two years, and then move on to the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston to complete their studies. The college held university status until it was downgraded during the 1990s due to spending cuts. There are 140 students attending the St-Jean institution and the Liberals want that number to rise to at least 700.

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Liberals promise RMC St-Jean would become full university

  1. It is the same Liberals who shutdown the CMR at the time. An expensive mistake that probably discouraged a number of French Canadians to pursue a military career as an officer. I hope this is a real promise, not just an electoral promise that will not materialize. Go for it!

    I hope the Liberals will also reconsider their position to stop the F35 Fighter program.

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