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Pauline Tam of the Ottawa Citizen wrote an excellent piece following up on the Kajouji story last Saturday. Tam puts the story into the larger context of the relationship universities are bound by law to have with the parents of students.

(There’s a reason I put this first and made a long hyperlink for the story, if you read any of the links here, that’s the one you should.)

Joseph Rago, an editorial writer for The Wall Street Journal, wrote a piece making light of the professor who is suing her students at Dartmouth.

USA Today wrote a piece last week enquiring increased from U.S. college tuition is going. The piece itself is the not really noteworthy. What I found interesting is the chart "Tuition Increases vs. Spending." It shows that public university tuition revenue is up 34.6% compared to 16.7% at private universities. Interestingly, private universities are spending 6.9% more on "direct instructional spending" compared to 3.2% at public institutions. Now, that’s a story.

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  1. Hard to get anything from the USA Today chart. It could mean that public universities are increasingly inefficient with tuition revenues, or it could simply mean that public institutions are having to raise tuitions faster than their counterparts in order to compensate for decreasing government funding. I don’t know enough about how the government has been funding post-secondary in the States to make an informed conclusion, personally.

  2. Good comment. That is a possibility as well. I wish USA Today covered that story and explained the discrepancy.

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