London to make housing bylaw city-wide -

London to make housing bylaw city-wide


Provided enforcement is city-wide as well, London’s new bylaw, crafted after recent problems in student areas, will pass my “sniff test.”


London to make housing bylaw city-wide

  1. Say goodbye to affordable housing….

    The problem with these bylaws is that all costs involved are going to be passed onto the students. If landlords have to reduce the number of students living within their properties, they are still going to rent the property for the same amount as the previous five students living there. They will probably also pass on the cost of their licences to students in their rental fees. This means that there will be a large number of students who will not be able to afford off-campus housing which used to be considered to be the cheap alternative to living on campus. Obviously, the university would like to have more students paying their exhorbitant fees to live on campus, so it’s not surprising that they are for this policy.

    This raises concerns for future areas, such as The Village at York University where they are considered to be single family homes that were built with the intention of renting them to students. If there are 5 people living in these 5 bedroom places, how could it be considered substandard housing simply based on numbers?