Loving the Greyhound


I’m travelling back to Hamilton after a weekend away. Presently, I’m transferring between buses in London Ontario.

The Greyhound terminal has been renovated since the last time I was here and is greatly improved. It’s clean, has lots of seating, a Subway instead of the old cafeteria, lockers, and a counter with multiple plugs for people to charge their laptops.

It’s everything a public transit station should be. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been chased by transit station security guards for plugging my laptop in at a city bus terminal; here, there is a big sign encouraging me to plug-in.

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Loving the Greyhound

  1. It’s been over 4 years since I stepped foot in that terminal. Glad to hear it’s been renovated. The cafeteria was a bit sketchy from what I remember.

  2. I was at that terminal last month, and I agree that it’s pretty solid. It’s clearly based on the design of a whole lot of Greyhound stations in the U.S. — the ones I’ve seen in the east and south, anyway — where you can recharge batteries, etc.

    They all still have those terrible cafeterias, though, so good on London for getting a Subway!

  3. How much did the PR people at Greyhound pay you for this?

  4. I owe them for their overuse of the Everywhere Girl.

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