Future of Manitoba tuition freeze in limbo

Freeze was set to end in 2009-10, with increases being “gradually phased in”


From The Winnipeg Sun:

Manitoba’s university students will have to wait a while longer to find out if their tuition is going up.

Many expected yesterday’s budget to include an announcement the decade-old tuition freeze at universities and colleges would be lifted. Last April, Advanced Education Minister Diane McGifford said the freeze would end in 2009-10 and tuition increases would then be “gradually phased in.”

However, during yesterday’s budget speech, Finance Minister Greg Selinger said he expects it will be another 10 days or so before he receives a report from the one-man commission studying the freeze and the implications of lifting it.


Future of Manitoba tuition freeze in limbo

  1. It’s not in limbo. The NDP is going to kill it. I saw through this Levin commission bullshit the day it was announced.

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