McGill non-academic support staff on strike -

McGill non-academic support staff on strike

Classes will go ahead as planned: university


McGill University’s 1,700 non-academic employees went on strike at 6 a.m. this morning. The employees provide course registration, laboratory support, clerical support, record keeping, student residence management, IT support and more.

University classes will go ahead next week. “You have the right, as a student or an employee, to cross the picket line to get to class or to your work,” the university wrote in a statement. “McGill will ensure that you can enter the campus safely.”

The collective agreement expired in Dec. 2010. MUNACA wants a three per cent wage increase. McGill has offered 1.2 per cent.*

The workers say they also want more secure benefits. “Unlike other university workers in Quebec, there are no protections for our pensions and benefits at McGill,” wrote McGill University Non-Academic Certified Association (MUNACA) president Kevin Whittaker. “The time has come for the university to recognize our hard work and our contribution to the quality of life students enjoy.”

*This post has been updated to remove salary data that was incorrect. Maclean’s On Campus regrets the error.


McGill non-academic support staff on strike

  1. I am in a clerical position at McGill and have been for three years. I am FAR from making a minimum of $36,537. In fact, I would be more than happy to be making that salary! Please check your facts!

  2. I have been employed at McGill for just over 5 years and am not making the stated minimum either. McGill only hires at the minimum in a given salary range irrespective of academic background or work experience. It has been said that it takes 35 years to reach the maximum salary in the scale ranges…I’ll be dead by then.

  3. Another important point we forget to mention in this article is the fact that McGill Administration is planning to cut its funding to the Pension plan. That will mean in the future the employee will have a bigger financial burden of putting aside from their pay checks.

    In the past it was 50% employer, 50% employee.

    Also many of the benefits employees have enjoyed and have encouraged people to work for McGill are being cut. Health care and dental plans for example just to name a few.

    They have unilaterally decided to cut these with no prior consultation.

    Seems to me that if they start doing this with some employees at McGill, they will end up doing whatever they want with other people that work for them.

  4. I am a former clerical employee of McGill University and quit in 2009 because I was beyond fed up of the Universities treatment of it’s non-academic employees. (thankfully, it inspired me to return to school to obtain my BA at Concordia hehe) I attended every Munaca meeting and was disgusted each time we settled for whatever the University threw at us. We were made to feel as if we were lucky to have jobs in the first place. I worked there for 8 years and NEVER made over $32,000.00, and that’s not from laziness, I did all I could to move around and apply for higher level positions. Frustrated, I left because I saw no future for me. How was I to raise a family on such a small salary with no real foreseeable raise or possibility of moving to management? What is a 1.2% increase going to do??? Ridiculous. A total insult if you ask me! When I found out Munaca was FINALLY taking action I was beyond surprised that they voted to strike and sincerely hope that they finally get what is owed to them. Good luck guys!!! Together you stand…divided you fall!

  5. Last time I checked the economy is in the crapper and the academic staff has not received anything close to a 3% pay raise. Stop being baby’s and do your job. Maybe when the economy gets better everyone including the academic staff will get better pay raises.

    • Get your facts straight. Academic staff were receiving 5% and took a cut to a 3% increase. Non academic’s were at 1.5% and now they want to lower it to 1.2%. The price of living has gone up by 3%, even those making minimum wage are receiving 3% increases.

    • Matthew, I trust you’re not teaching English grammar at one of our noble institutions of higher learning.

  6. Academics getting actually up to 8% increases. Also if you read their agreement from 2008, they will receive anywhere from 3% to 9% salary increases. [Moderator’s note: Link has been removed.]

    All MUNACA Workers are asking for is the 3% which is the same increase as other Universities and the cost of living. They make alot less that what these Professors make, so 3% is nothing. Look at the wage increase from 2007 to 2008. for level 11 the Minimum goes up about $10000 and max goes up by about $70000. I don’t care how much education you have no one should receive that much of a salary boost.

  7. oops, I meant max was 65% increase.

    *Note that for salary grades 1 through 7 the Minimums drop by between 3% and 9%. All salary grade maximums increase, from 3% for grades 1 and 2 to 65% for grade 11.