McGuinty boasts rising graduation rates

Opposition cries grade inflation and slipping standards


High school graduation rates in Ontario have risen 13 per cent since the Liberals took office in 2003-04, according to numbers released by the government on Tuesday.

Premier Dalton McGuinty boasted to reporters that the 81 per cent graduation rate can be attributed to his government’s focus on education. “Basically, it’s additional funding and new kinds of programs to make sure that we can engage more young people, keep them in school, keep them excited about their learning,” he said.

The opposition isn’t buying it. Conservative MPP Elizabeth Witmer says standards have been falling. “We now have a system of social promotion where whether or not they achieve the level of skill that’s required, we’re passing them,” she said.

Similarly, Mark Langer, president of the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations, noting that twice as many student graduate with an A average in Ontario than in Alberta, blames grade inflation. “Are Ontario students twice as intelligent as those in Alberta? It sounds unlikely to me,” he told the Ottawa Citizen.

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McGuinty boasts rising graduation rates

  1. Here`s the importance that Dalton McGuinty and the Liberals place on Education.
    Parents buying all the basic school supplies,students freezing or boiling in portable classrooms etc and where is the Education Premier spending Ontario Tax dollars?

    Ladies and gents the Premier of Ontario is “protecting” Ontarians from puppies instead of buying basic school supplies.


    That is the importance that the Premier of Ontario places on Education in Ontario.

    What is needed in Ontario is a remedial Reading/Comprehension class for the entire Liberal Caucus.


    McGuinty himself could learn a lot from Alberta especially Calgary Alberta.

    And the Opposition is correct.
    If McGuinty is re-elected he will have a 100% graduation rate as he lowers standards even further.

  2. As a grad student, who graduated from high school in Ontario when we still had grade 13/OAC, I can say that the students coming out of Ontario high school these days (that I see in courses that I TA) don’t seem to have the same problem-solving skills as students did years ago, when OAC was still in effect. So, from my own observations (granted, a limited sample size, and in no way a scientific study), grade inflation is definitely occurring in Ontario’s high schools. Students just can’t “fail” anymore, whereas when I was in high school, there were definitely students who had to repeat certain subjects.

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