McGuinty’s stance on York strike “puzzling”: union president


The national president of the United Food and Commercial Workers union, Wayne E. Hanley, calls McGuinty’s stance on labour rights “puzzling.”

Hanley, in an open letter published today, says the provincial government is being inconsistent respecting court rulings granting labour rights.

“I find it puzzling you would cite that 2007 Supreme Court ruling to defend the workers’ rights at York University, while ignoring that same Supreme Court decision by continuing to deny Ontario agriculture workers their rights to join a union and bargain collectively,” wrote Hanley.

The UFCW has been fighting to unionize and protect workers at factory farming operations in Ontario. UFCW recently won a court ruling granting these workers the right to unionize. However, last week, the McGuinty government decided to appeal the ruling.

Hanley is clear that he agrees with the McGuinty government’s current position that it is unable to legislate back-to-work.

More information on attempts to organize factory farm workers is available on the UFCW website.

Personally, I’m inconsistent on this subject. I believe government’s should have the ability to legislate back-to-work when necessary and that it should be allowing factory farm workers to unionize.

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McGuinty’s stance on York strike “puzzling”: union president

  1. If a goverment has no power to legislate back to work then how can it protect those impacted by the a strike? Strikes can thus last forever with no impasse.

    This is clear political maneuvering to take pressure of the intense pressure on McGuinty goverment to act, and is equivalent to the government saying…”it’s not really our fault because the law says we can’t do it.”

    Bottom line, if the Liberals wanted to they could.

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  2. So much for not being able to legislate back to work… looks like thats happening tomorrow.