McMaster food service workers strike

University says it will ensure prepaid meal plans are honoured


McMaster food service workers took to picket lines Friday after rejecting the university’s final offer in contract negotiations. Students and faculty were delayed getting to the campus, as police reported traffic backups as long as 30 cars. The Service Employees International Union, which represents the 170 striking workers, recommended rejecting the final offer because it “would undermine job security, reduce sick pay and vacation entitlements, and erode take-home pay by imposing ‘expensive’ employee benefit contributions,” the Hamilton Spectator reported. The workers serve meals in student residences as well as in university restaurants like Tim Horton’s. McMaster says it will have managers serving students to ensure those with a prepaid meal plan receive the services they have paid for. A return to the bargaining table has yet to be scheduled.

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McMaster food service workers strike

  1. No one has job security in this economy. I find it disgusting that these people make $15-$20 an hour, with benefits, vacation time, sick time and guaranteed raises for flipping burgers and are on strike! Let them stay out and learn to appreciate what they have

  2. I was on my way to campus yesterday, as an out of town grad student unaware of the strike. I tried to enter from Coots Dr and got stuck in that line for 60 minutes. I was late for class. If they were trying to “develop” support they sure as hell aren’t going to get any from me and when they do come back I’m sure as hell not going to be friendly. See how they like they working conditions then…

    Also 15-20$ an hour to flip burgers, come on!

  3. Fire them all… lots to fill the positions. everyone in society is replaceable… get with the times.

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