Memorial students brighten up The Rock -

Memorial students brighten up The Rock

Our latest fall fashion photos


Summers are short in Newfoundland and the sun sets early—7:00 p.m already tonight! To escape the darkness, Memorial University students are brightening things up with neon pinks, passionate reds and Batman yellow. St. John’s was Jessica Darmanin’s latest stop as she tours Atlantic Canada with an eye on campus fashion. Click the photos to make them bigger. Then show us your campus style. Tweet your fall fashion photo to @maconcampus or post it on our Facebook wall.


Memorial students brighten up The Rock

  1. Where do you get these writers and their stupid premises.

    The summers start in June and end in September in St. John’s, just like in Ontario. Temperatures are usually mid-to high 20s in the warmest days. Very comfortable. Sun sets at around 9:30 p.m. on the longest days of the year and at about 7:30 in early September. Sheesh! It’s no darker in St. John’s than in Brockville for eheaven’s sakes!

    • You’s the b’y me son. And besides, there’s better fashion out in the harbour! Not to say these students don’t look alright. But, batman? These aren’t the most interesting getups by far. MUN should be revisited.