N.L. education minister under fire

Joan Burke’s accused of “unprecedented” and “extraordinary” interference at Memorial


Latest developments:

  • The Canadian Association of University Teachers says the Newfoundland and Labrador Education Minister’s intervention in the presidential search process at Memorial University is “unprecedented”
  • Acting university President Eddy Campbell today announced that he has withdrawn his name as a candidate for the position of president of Memorial University
  • Globe and Mail columnist Jeffery Simpson says that the university board “has been undermined” by “extraordinary interference by the Premier and Minister of Education”
  • A spokesperson for the Education Minister has pointed out that the chair of the university’s board of regents, who also chairs the presidential search committee, shared the short list of presidential candidates with the minister’s office


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N.L. education minister under fire

  1. This seems to be an issue that has almost everyone on campus upset. But Dale seems not to care much one way of the other. What gives?

  2. Thanks for inquiring Claude. While they don’t add much to the story, my personal concerns are consistent with those expressed by my colleagues and the acting-president of Memorial.

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