More on the CUSA meeting


As noted, CUSA has voted to reinstate funding for Shinerama and Donnie Northrup has resigned. Another CUSA rep has also resigned, but I am not, as yet, sure which one.

Here is a post from a Carleton student who attended the meeting.

Additionally, the Ottawa Citizen (via the National Post) is reporting that the required number of signatures required to have a recall election to replace CUSA president Brittany Smyth have been collected: “Petitions calling for the impeachment of council president Brittany Smyth and other council members were tabled.”


More on the CUSA meeting

  1. If, as the linked blog report is accurate, CUSA did indeed make a great effort to issue a clear an unequivocal apology (i.e defeating a simple apology and replacing it with a motion that says “CUSA apologizes for the racist and sexist statements that were made, as well as the misinformation relayed about CF” as is suggested by that blogger) then I think they are to be applauded for doing the right thing.

    In fact, having a student union stand up and take responsibility for their actions might actually be more shocking than CUSA’s original actions.

  2. Details…? Minutes available when??

  3. Stunned…
    I agree. Kudos to all.

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