Mounties kept file on Ignatieff during student days

Liberal leader organized conferences and teach-ins when at the U of T


The RCMP kept a file on Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff when he was a student at the University of Toronto. According to a memo obtained by the Canadian Press through a freedom of information request, the Mounties monitored Ignatieff as he organized a conference on religion and international affairs in 1967. In an interview, Ignatieff was cautious not to criticize the RCMP but said there was nothing subversive about his activities. “They may have had some idea that we were all subversive radicals, but we were anything but,” the Liberal leader said. Parts of the memo, which include a news clipping from student paper the Varsity, remain redacted.

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Mounties kept file on Ignatieff during student days


    The Canadian version of the East German STASI is at work.

    Who else does the RCMP keep “files” on and for what purpose?

    If I was Mr. Ignatieff,….I would launch an immediate law suit to place the Canadian Gestapo in their rightful place once and for all.

    • What have you got to hide that makes you so offended by this?

    • Yep, the RCMP is just like the STASI or the Gestapo. After all, in addition to giving out speeding tickets and the odd member who thinks it’s sporting to taser an agitated Polish immigrant to death, the RCMP is famous for torturing suspects (or anyone else who gets in their way), sending political opponents, jews and other undesirables to concentration or re-education camps, and mass murder on an industrial scale.

      Now, Google “Godwin’s Law”, you idiot.

      • Do you really believe police “mass murder on an industrial scale”? If that were remotely true, don’t you think there’d be a lot more dead people turning up. Probably including idiots like you who oppose police. But this is a free country and you’re entitled to your opinion and you’re free to disagree with mine.

  2. Our RCMP should be monitoring communists.

  3. I assume that in accordance with current liberal ideology, Ignatieff,
    since an RCMP file was kept on him, HE IS QUILTY.

    • Guilty?

      I’m assuming this is sarcasm, because if it’s not then I can only say you’re in desperate need of psychiatric care.

      Have a good day.

  4. Was he as boring to follow then as he is now?

  5. sue the government
    expose the corruption

  6. QUILTY?

    Another brain dead neo-con. Stay in school fellas, your stupidity is destroying Canada.

  7. I was living in the Stasi Regime and I can assure you this is exactly
    what happend to us before we escaped to the West.Our Family File
    contained many pages and was released after the East German Government
    was forced to pack their Bags and take Millions of Goods and Monies with them.I am a great admirer of thye RCMP,WHO IN THE wORLD WOULD DREAM OF A displaced Family,like ours from Russia in 1929 come up with a stupid Idea that we would promote Stalin Communism. Wake up Canada

  8. Absolutely despicable what our country has become. Slowly but surely we’ve allowed a police state and to be raped economically by the elite. Sad days.

  9. Wow you talk about suing the very people who protect you because they started a file on someone that started a religion based group full of radicals and anti government fundamentalists.

    Give your head a shake, do you think the RCMP have the resources to follow people that don’t have a legitimate impact on security in Canada.

    So I guess when your house gets broken into you don’t bother calling the RCMP because they are so corrupt, next time you or your family ever needs the police please don’t call them, I wouldn’t want to waste my tax dollars protecting idiots that read the paper and think they know everything about the world.

    Oh wait, the police will still come to rescue you because THEY risk lives mo matter who, where, what and why!

    You don’t like it, move to LYBiA, I hear they have top notch government protection and free rights.


    • The RCMP do not protect us, they protect themselves at our expense.

    • Andrew… I’m not sure I follow you.

      No one started a religious group of radical anti-government types.

      Iggy organized a conference on religion and it’s role in shaping international relations at university while studying related subject matters. The article and information relating to this is pretty clear…

      The RCMP have no right investigating any private citizen unless they have proof of an unlawful activity or evidence to suggest unlawful activity may be taking place. I’m pretty sure a conference on international policy and how religion plays a role in shaping said policy doesn’t quite cut it when it comes to what qualifies as a security risk. Protecting victims of violent crime is very different than gathering intelligence on a politically active private citizen. So, when in jeopardy, yea I’d call the police as I am sure almost anyone else would. Would I trust them in any other situation? Not really.

    • Andrew…

      First, it’s Libya, not LYBia.

      Second, the RCMP is a national police force and unless you’re living in one of the territories or a province that doesn’t have a provincial police force (and subsidiary municipal and city police forces) you won’t be calling them.

      Their mandate is high level police operations and in 1967 were responsible for counter-subversion and counter-espionage operations. Given the time it is reasonable that they would have files on people who were involved with activities that had social impact. Ignatief’s interview response is also reasonable.

      What is not reasonable is your comment concerning the RCMP following people who have a legitimate impact on security in Canada. It would appear you believe that Ignatief was involved in something approaching a security risk. Care to offer up your evidence for that?

      If not, leave it alone. It’s a non-story. The RCMP has files on lots of people – it’s called routine investigations. They’ve got one on Harper too and it’s probably as boring as Ignatief’s.

      Have a good day.

  10. It is the RCMP’s job to protect Canada against possible threats from radical groups. Iggy is obviously more of a threat to his own career than anyone else.
    Situational awareness requires paying attention to what is going on around you in order to see approaching threats. If the RCMP wants to keep tabs on groups to see what they are up to, good. If the RCMP did not catch the Toronto-18, how many Canadians would have been victims…..this is reality, get used to it!

  11. Frankly, without knowing the ‘why’ its tough to be indignant – unless being indignant is what you do for a living……

  12. If Canada is so awful, LEAVE!!!!!

    • “If Canada is so awful, LEAVE!!!!!”

      I think, as citizens, it is our duty to do our best to improve upon our current systems and strive to ensure our freedoms, privacy and democratic system is protected.

      Telling someone to leave the country because they express concern over these things is rather telling. Why not discuss the matter respectfully and rationally? In this case, it would possibly make sense if the precursor to this was released to the public. Without knowing WHY the investigation took place then we can only judge based on the current facts.

      The current facts on the table are that a private group of students, conducting perfectly legitimate student activity were watched with no official reason yet given. In our system there needs to be a reasonable grounds and it needs to be put forth, otherwise we are compromising on our rights, the very rights that our fore-bearers fought and died for over the course of millennia of human history.

      It’s something to think about.

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  14. “Mounties keep file on,,,,”

    Wake up Canada, the security apparatus keep files on everyone, especially everyone with a brain. The sole exceptions are very rich members of the establishment and their families. For example, I bet you can’t find a file on your editor Mr. Coyne.

  15. All through the late 50’s and 60’s the RCMP monitored the activities of thousands of Canadians. I remember stories from my mother who described how the RCMP came to our house to question my grandfather about his possible connections to the Communist Party because he subscribed to Czech language news paper.

    As I recall, this was also the time of the RCMP burning barns in Quebec.

  16. Oh, come now. Back then the RCMP kept files on anyone who was anyone. Not to have had an RCMP file would have been an affront.

    Things are different now, or course. Just ask Maher Ahrar…

  17. As I recall the RCMP had a file on an other liberal leader Trudeau.
    Didn’t keep him from screwing the Canadian people.

  18. I say we watch him closely and if he reaches for a stapler, we taser him good.

    • Guffaw!

  19. The article says it was 1967. granted that was before my time, but that was during a time where there was considerable turmoil politcally in both the US and Canada. there was numerous protest groups forming and already formed to rally agains the Vietnam war, the pursuit against communisim was a glorified witch hunt. people were accused for being”commies” based on their beliefs and the way they dressed.
    as far as the RCMP keeping tabs on a person who was forming or participating in a group which persued some sort of religous endevour, would likley have been the norm back then. My political view aside, I think that it is important that the Men and Women who protect our society get a well deserved thank you. do some member of the the RCMP make poor decisions? yes. however as a whole they are all special people who do a thakless job, and risk their lives daily. for all those who are slamming the RCMP, perhaps you should consider spending some time in country whose police force is run solely on corruption…you would be begging for the RCMP. for those who do not like how our wonderful country is being run or governed. then either step up and run for election, or pack you bags and dont let the door hit you in ass on the way out. i for one want to give the RCMP a resounding THANK YOU for keeping me and my family safe.

    • AMEN!!!

  20. Yeah! Look at what our country has become! I am absolutely SHOCKED and OUTRAGED!

    We should have a public inquiry and demand that these RCMP fascist-communists explain their actions, if any of them are still alive.

    Remember 1967, when Canada was a paradise on earth? Expo ’67? Canada’s Centennial Year with that funky maple leaf? Summer of Love? LSD? That brand new flag with the symbol of the imperialist oppressor removed? A Prime Minister who was a Nobel Laureate (having won the Peace Prize before Obama was even born)? Those were the good old days. Nothing like this would have happened then!

  21. Well said Geoff , Blake of course I know the RCMP don’t police some major cities, fact is RCMP service is offered to every city in Canada, it is up to the city to choose if they would like to accept service or provide their own.

    You talk about Iggy as if you know the facts and all the details, the fact is you don’t and you likely never will, the FACT is you read these articles, make a outrageous comments about the RCMP, yet expect all the freedoms and safety they provide.

    The RCMP dont have the time or resources to waste by going after non- credible threats in Canada. How do you know Iggy didnt have a radical follower that the RCMP was trying to get intel on. How do you think they would find any threats without starting a file on him.

    Free speech is a right we have in this great country, so say what you want to say, but just get it through your head. Who patrols the cities, highways and countryside while you sleep? Who puts their life on the line every time they go out on patrol yet do it rain, shine or blizzard to make sure YOU are safe! Have some respect for the most respected Police force in the world, and yes it is that simple, you don’t like it……….see ya!

  22. ignatieff is in there for HIS personnel benefit & if he has not been living in Canada he should NOT qualify to run for ANY political position. GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM.

  23. If the Liberals or NDP cared so much about CANADA one or the other of them would WORK TOGETHER with Mr. Harper for the sake of OUR country.

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