MUN regents will meet with government

No date set to talk about university’s autonomy


Memorial University’s board of regents says the Newfoundland government has agreed to meet to discuss an ongoing dispute that has sparked accusations the province is interfering with academic freedom.The university has confirmed that both sides have agreed to sit down but no date has been scheduled.

On Aug. 12, at a special session, the board approved in principle a draft paper on university autonomy developed by Eddy Campbell, the school’s acting president.

Campbell and another candidate for the school’s top job were rejected by Education Minister Joan Burke after she interviewed them.

The move was widely criticized as interference in the university’s autonomy, and Campbell subsequently withdrew his name from the running.

Premier Danny Williams has said he doesn’t believe there was anything wrong with Burke’s involvement in the search process.

The Canadian Press

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MUN regents will meet with government

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  2. Unless Burke and Williams admit that the govt acted improperly, there seems no way out of this embarrassing impasse they have created. Sadly, Memorial had two top notch candidates and now they merely have a mess. Given William’s evident disregard for the truth here, one has to wonder how truthful he has been in other matters. It will now be difficult for someone with integrity, intelligence, and judgment to take the post. But perhaps that was the goal all along.
    I hope that Memorial is able to recover and that its professors will be able to speak the honest truth without fear of reprisals.
    Are people making the link to the cancer inquiry here?

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