National Post editorial on Lakehead SU’s “negative” speech ban


“If students at Lakehead aren’t allowed to engage in this basic intellectual function, maybe it’d be better to just shut the place down and send everyone to trade school.

After all, society needs electricians. Politically correct campus activists? Not so much.”

That’s just the closing line, read the entire editorial here.

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National Post editorial on Lakehead SU’s “negative” speech ban

  1. There aren’t more pressing issues for a “national newspaper” to be editorializing about, like say, political events of the past week or the economy?

  2. You’re assuming this is the only editorial piece the National Post wrote this week?

  3. Dr. Kirkby appears to be operating under a zero-sum game fallacy. Amazingly, it turns out that the National Post can editorialize about political events of the past week; about the economy; and/ about what Dr. Kirkby considers — ironically, for a professor of education — to be less pressing issues, like the “basic intellectual function” of the university.

    Lakehead’s rare forays onto the public agenda do not cover it in glory. So far, I remember hearing from Lakehead three times in the last couple of years. First, when its president elected not to pursue wireless Internet on campus, fearing its radioactive effects. Second, when it took out billboard ads making fun of the U.S. president, thinking mean-spiritedness and a lack of collegiality — here we are talking about speech ethics, not politics — would help it attract the kind of students who are a Lakehead fit. And, third, now this.

    I remember Lakehead being derided, back when I was finishing high school, as “Canoehead U”. I’d have thought they’d be motivated to outgrow that nickname.

  4. This is well worth publishing as it relates to university campuses. Personally I’m stunned. Prohibiting “negative” speech? Are thes guys nuts??? I’d love to see Lakehead’s debating team. The Affirmative team starts “Resolved … blah blah…” The Opposing team would say what? “We’d love to but we can’t say anything negative about your resolution?”

    Do people date each other on the campus of Lakehead? Do they ever breakup? Is the Lakehead SU gonna get involved? What about when members of the varsity team sports start trash talking each other at home games?

    Political Correctness as bad as it is has been at least thoughtout first. This is just plain stupid.

    Lakehead??? Howabout NOhead!

  5. Hey hey everyone, Lakehead is just taking the lead in addressing issues that no other university has the balls to talk about. Banning wireless internet and limiting “negative” campaigns is just the beginning to establish Lakehead as the utopia of a healthy and democratic university campus. Just wait until tell camplain about George Bush… Oh wait.

  6. Uh, Dre, Lakehead didn’t “limit” a negative campaign. Quite the opposite — it went full force with one. Name-calling is something associated more with the sandbox, or with grade school recess, than with an adult university.

    Unless, of course, that university is Lakehead.

  7. … oh, sorry, I was talking about their “George Bush is dumb, come study at Canoehead” negative campaign. You were talking about their “negative” speech ban. My bad!

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