NDP stalls back-to-work bill in York University strike

Students could have returned to classes as early as Monday


Ontario’s New Democrats have stalled the provincial government’s bid to end the York University strike with back-to-work legislation.

The legislation tabled today could have ended the strike and sent students back to class early this week, had it passed with the unanimous consent of the legislature.

But the NDP’s eight members voted against early passage, arguing that an end to the labour dispute should not be forced by the government.

As a result, the legislation will have to be debated several times before it can go to a final vote, likely later this week or early next week.

Premier Dalton McGuinty says there’s no reasonable prospect of a negotiated settlement between the university and the union representing contract faculty and other staff.

About 3,300 workers at York have been off the job since Nov. 6., cancelling classes for about 50,000 students at Canada’s third-largest university.

York has seen three of the country’s five longest faculty association strikes. Saturday marked Day 80 of the current strike, while in 2001 there was a 78-day strike and in 1997 a strike lasted 55 days.

The length of those strikes are surpassed only by strikes at the University of Quebec in 1976-77 and Laval University in 1976, which both lasted about four months.

– The Canadian Press


NDP stalls back-to-work bill in York University strike

  1. Normally I support the NDP, but I definitely do not support them in this.

    If they want to become a more viable political option in the future and compete with the Liberals and Conservatives, they MUST move away from the tradition of supporting unionized labour at any cost. Especially when it means alienating hundreds of thousands of young voters in this province.

    I don’t go to York, but I sympathize with them, and so does every other university student across this country who pays thousands of dollars in tuition in each year.

  2. My son started at York University this fall, so I have a personal interest. My view is that the two factions (staff and administration) have been holding the students hostage, and it has gone beyond all reason.

    The students will have to attend classes all summer and be unable to make any summer earnings. Neither staff nor administration give a damn. The administration won’t be giving out refunds or rebates. York administration is given government funding in proportion with enrollment whether the students are able to attend or not. They aren’t paying out salaries so the university is saving a lot of money this year. The strike hasn’t hurt the administrators at all, only the students and strikers.

    I used to vote NDP, but this sort of kneejerk union support at all cost has made me change my mind/