Nearly 14,000 Ontario university employees make six figures

Many profs and admins in top one per cent


Ontario’s annual Public Sector Salary Disclosure has been published. The so-called Sunshine List reveals the compensation paid to every public employee who made $100,000 or more last year.

Of the 79,000 employees on the 2011 list, 13,819 work for universities. That’s not surprising, considering it was revealed last week that Canada’s professors are the world’s highest paid.

What’s surprising is how many university workers have crossed the threshold between five and six figures. The $100,000-club has grown by 32 per cent in just three years.

While the majority of university employees on the list earn just over $100,000, a substantial number—1,750—made $170,000 or more, which puts them in the top one per cent of Canadian earners.

Among them, 746 reached $200,000, 97 made more than $300,000 and 15 topped $400,000.

William Moriarty, president of the University of Toronto’s Asset Management Corporation, is once again the highest paid university employee in Ontario at $655,995.

The presidents of Waterloo, Western, York and Guelph all topped $400,000.

The Sunshine List was released ahead of Ontario’s provincial budget on Tuesday.


Nearly 14,000 Ontario university employees make six figures

  1. Dehaas – your drum banging is getting old. We get it that you don’t like universities, university employees, and faculty salaries. Here’s a tip for you. the 13,000 people you are complaining about are mostly admin or profs very close to retirement. As much as you would like to have us believe that all professors walk out of graduate school into 100K jobs, you are just plain wrong. You also repeatedly fail to understand that the majority of profs earning over 100K are in business, engineering, law, and medical faculties – others, like science and arts, make salaries that are frankly insulting to people with 15 years of education, but which they accept.

    So, give it a rest. You’re like a broken record.

  2. Josh Dehaas obviously had professors who didn’t think too highly of his work and gave him lousy grades as a result. That would explain why he goes on these ridiculous rants about them all the time. He really hates the fact that people who spend 10 years getting a post-secondary education in order to teach are actually compensated by that with a decent salary that reflects their level of education and expertise. I mean, when I think of the term “The One Percent”, I usually think of bankers and CEOs who take home muli-million dollar paycheques every year for trashing our economy and sending jobs overseas, not the professors who, you know, actually contribute to society through their teaching and research. But all of that matters very little to Josh, of course, who obviously has a gigantic grudge against somebody — or maybe even everybody — who stands at the front of a lecture hall every day. I shudder to think of what his professors had to put up with when he was in their classes.

    And by the way, is Josh actually getting paid to submit the same article over and over again? If so, then it seems that a good example of a person being grossly overcompensated for what they do would be him.

  3. @HS: 10 years? Wow, you got off lucky.

    4 years undergrad
    2 year masters
    6 years PhD
    2 years post-doc

    = 14 years, plus the 3 as an adjunct/looking for a job, then the 6 on the tenure track = 23 years training.

  4. I hope arts professors are not on this list.

  5. Actually, this article is quite accurate. Most professors sit during those long, disgusting Canadian winters on their butts, looking the snow fall. Canadian universities constitute the greatest maffia in the country. The proof? Landing a tenure is impossible, unless you have your acquintances and contacts under the sleeve. It is a national shame, sadly. One of the comments mentions the amount of time, efforts etc professors spend to get there. Fuck! it is not even 1/10th of the efforts made by the working class in this country! Stupid and quite retarded comment by Greg, to say the least!