New Brunswick students protest tuition

Tuition freeze expected to lift when province releases budget


Between 250 and 300 students descended on New Brunswick’s legislature Tuesday afternoon to protest possible tuition increases. Student union leaders, who will be meeting with Tory education minister Martine Coulombe on Wednesday,  expect the government will lift the province’s tuition freeze when the budget is released later this month. “We’d like to see the tuition freeze maintained and investments in student financial aid. Some restructuring of programs, like the Timely Completion Benefit, so that the money is getting to the students who need it,” St. Thomas University student president Ella Henry told Canadian University Press. Students at the rally chanted “The students united will never be defeated” and waved placards that read “Fight Tuition Fees” and other slogans. Minister Coulombe addressed the crowd with a megaphone, but was often interrupted by students yelling slogans, and some who were shouting obscenities.

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New Brunswick students protest tuition

  1. “Obscenities” ?
    Once again Macleans proves to be nothing more than a sensational tabloid. I attended the rally and apart from a few cries of “prove it on march 22nd” (the day when we find out if cuts to education will be made and how bad those cuts will be) and “we can’t afford your cuts” there was nothing crude yelled at the minister. To call these obscenities is a bit of a stretch.

    I am glad that Macleans has covered the student march on the legislature, however, it paints a poor picture of the civilized and peaceful demonstration.

    Tell me Macleans, what were the obscenities? (Oh, and is UofT still too asian?? you took that article down pretty quick)

  2. Adam, On campus did not write this story. I was written by a Fredericton Based Canadian University Press reporter Jamie Ross. A link to the original article is below. Given that the reporter if from Fredericton It’s safe to assume he attended the protest to cover the story.


  3. Ashley, This article clearly has the heading “by Macleans.ca” although it does reference the article by Ross.

    I was not bringing into question whether or not a reporter representing Macleans attended the march or not. I was merely voicing my concern for Macleans’ habit for misleading readers with sensational reports of actual events.

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