York offers striking workers new “enhanced” deal

After “progress,” admin offer has 9.25 per cent raise over three years plus benefits


According to York University administration, after five days of progress in negotiations, the union representing striking teaching assistants and contract faculty has been presented with a new “enhanced” deal that would mean a total raise of 10.7 percent over three years.

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Nervous York students demand government action

Alex Bilyk, media relations director for the university, says they are asking CUPE 3903 to present the new offer to its membership for a ratification vote at the earliest opportunity. He says the offers include a 9.25 percent increase in wages plus “significant benefits and other improvements over the term of the new three-year collective agreements.”

In a press release issued Jan. 7, the university says its settlement offer addresses the key priority areas identified by CUPE 3903, namely:

  • Enhanced job security for contract faculty through 22 new full-time faculty positions
  • Further increases in Funds to reflect recent membership growth
  • Indexation of Funds to address any future membership growth
  • Tuition protection for the full term of the new collective agreements
  • Increase in minimum guaranteed funding for graduate teaching assistants

The administration says it “firmly believes that these comprehensive offers for settlement of 10.7% over three years are fair, responsible and sustainable – particularly in this worsening economic climate” and is urging the union to accept the offer for the sake of the school’s 50,000 students.


York offers striking workers new “enhanced” deal

  1. “Enhanced job security for contract faculty through 22 new full-time faculty positions” is an interesting claim. There’s validity to it, but on a totally different level than what CUPE is seeking.

    The issue from CUPE’s perspective is job security for part-time and contract faculty. Creating full-time positions is no answer to that. But on a bigger picture level, the issue arises because of increasing reliance on casual labour. To move away from that reliance is, in a sense, some answer to the issue.

    Anyway, I see the point of York’s claim on this one, but I’m almost certain that CUPE won’t nor should they. Creating jobs for people who aren’t members of CUPE doesn’t answer what CUPE is seeking for its members.

  2. I’m afraid you’ve misunderstood, Jeff. The promise to create 22 new full-time faculty positions is not a promise to hire professors through an open competition, but rather to convert 22 CUPE 3903 contract faculty to full-time faculty positions over three years. These positions will only be open to a seniority based limited pool of long-serving CUPE contract faculty. Once converted, these faculty become members of the York University Faculty Association. York has also increased its offer for the salaries of these positions by $10,000 per year, and reduced the teaching load from 4.0 to 3.5. I grant that these offers may not be as much as CUPE 3903 is asking for, but CUPE is, in their own words, “demanding the impossible.” I think the offer of 22 positions over three years is a reasonable number and CUPE 3903 should take it.

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  4. I am a York Student.

    The ‘counter’ offer of 22 full time positions is a joke.

    Probably about 22 full time Teachers Faculty are retiring anyway due to the mandatory retirement that York has in place.

    Considering there are 1700 Contract faculty on the line who are asking to have to re-apply for their jobs every 5 years instead of every year, the counter offer is a slap in the face. Even Starbucks empoyees don’t have to re-apply for thier jobs every year.

    While York’s tuition increases every year, enrollment increases, so does the workload for staff, and so does the revenue for the administration.

    If the administration can’t balance the books properly, maybe they should not have their jobs.

    I smell mismanagement and scandal from these ‘team of experts’ who pretend to care about the students by offering us $100 bucks for our lost year. What a spit in the face. It is obviously who is using who. The admin is using the students to get mad at the union.
    Well the union didn’t take our tuition, the admin did.

    If we don’t get our year back, don’t think that we won’t want it back.

    The admin has walked away from the bargaining table several times.

    The strike has been on for 10 weeks and the admin has met with the union 5-7 days max. which is completely unnacceptable.

    Boy, I wish that I got paid $1,500 hundred dollars a day to go to the gym.

    Anyone who really knows the truth, knows how this counter offer is a joke, how CUPE did a GM vote the day before the forced ratification vote, and how media articles are meant to do one thing, destroy union loyalty from the mass of Canadians through misinformation.

    These people have obviously forgotton all of the gains of the Labour movement and should be ashamed of themselves for enjoying these luxuries in Canada that were hard fought by the wonderful not dissimilar to the wonderful people in 3903.

    All you union bashers should just turn in all of your benefits, CPP, Medicare, maternity leave, health and safety legislation now, because you don’t deserve them!!!!!!!!!