No child, no loan? No way!


From The Montreal Gazette

A Concordia University graduate student is challenging a Quebec regulation that denies financial aid to out-of-province students in a common-law relationship – unless one of them has a child.

The stipulation – the only one of its kind in Canada – means Edith Tam, 30, is not eligible for $8,000 to $10,000 in annual loans and bursaries for her studies in the university’s master’s program in urban planning.

It also means Tam, who came to Montreal from Vancouver in 2005, has to pay the higher $1,700- per-semester tuition, compared with about $625 for Quebec residents.

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No child, no loan? No way!

  1. would she be able to acquire student aid from B.C.?

  2. Ms. Tam has been denied scholarships, student loans and bursaries in B.C. because the B.C. government now considers her a Quebec resident. That’s the official response from the government.

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