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UPEI objects to new degree granting schools


The University of Prince Edward Island is calling foul over the provincial government’s plans to grant degree granting authority to schools other than UPEI. The province is proposing legislation to create a new online degree granting school. A government document obtained by the Charlottetown Guardian states that, “Unless approved by the minister, programs offered by new degree granting institutions must not overlap with programs offered currently by publicly funded institutions located on Prince Edward Island.”

Education minister Allan Campbell said the move is in part motivated by a broadening of degree granting schools in provinces like New Brunswick. “Education is evolving. What we’re looking to do is to ensure we offer as many options as possible to perspective students,” he said. UPEI president Wade MacLauchlan, says the experience in other provinces has been closer to “fraud.”

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No competition please

  1. I find the title of this article to be unfair and misleading.

    I am a graduate of UPEI, and I doubt very much that UPEI or Holland College (PEI’s trade/technical college) are worried about keeping a monopoly on PSE. They’re concerned about maintaining standards of quality and excellence, and rightfully so since PEI’s PSE reputation is built on a foundation of their success.

    Retail education is a big mistake, just look at Lansbridge University in NB – – The government of PEI needs to make appropriate consultations with the public, and all partners in the province’s PSE community before going ahead with such a drastic change to the framework of PSE on PEI.

    Rushing into this hurts everyone and I cringe at the thought that the government might do anything to potentially tarnish the reputation of UPEI, Holland College, or the degrees and diplomas of the many graduates of these fine institutions.

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  3. After watching a youtube performance with college-owned cars of soon-to-be police officers in Holland college, I certainly hope that this is not one of the degree-granting institutions being considered. UPEI is the only university and as such,, has the right to want to preserve the excellence of its degree program. The community colleges of canada were started to fill a gap between university and highschool. Let’s not water down the meaning of a degree. It means that people have done the academic work and have achieved a certain standard. That deserves to be recognized.