Ontario Government statement on new Textbook and Technology Grant


Last week, I pointed out that the Ontario government had no information available on it’s new Textbook and Technology Grant.

Yesterday, the government posted a statement on the OSAP website.

While the government is still refusing to provide basic information, at least they are saying something. What’s interesting in the statement is that the government says an application form will be available at somepoint in September. This leads me to believe they haven’t created this form yet.

I’ll keep my eye on this story and update you when I get any information.

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Ontario Government statement on new Textbook and Technology Grant

  1. The form not being available until september means the money wont be ready until after that which is AFTER we buy our books… which kinda defeats the purpose of the upfront grants! Not only that but with the amount of money the government should have to do this, the students are seeing very little benefit…. $125 for the first year! thats not even ONE on my textbooks!

    Leave it to McGuinty to do a half assed job with Ontario Tax payers money!

  2. I am a student starting college in september. I need all the help I can get when it comes to paying for my education and the extras which come with it. I need this money now-that is my bottom line. I appreciate this little drop in the pond that the government is trying to do, but I wish they’d get off their butts and do it right. Like the previous person who posted, we as students need this money now for books and other expenses. I can’t wait until they can be bothered to get ready and commit to this. It’s terrible…if they want to help they need to be ready to help when its needed. I am a poor student who was poor before I was a student, I find it hard to make ends meat so I try to go to college so that I can get an education to get a better job….to do this I need the funds…every little helps like I said, but it needs to come quicker.

  3. I checked out the online application that is now linked to the OSAP web-site (one has to log in to access this). SURPRISE…The link takes you to a blank page! The truth of the matter is, however, that I’m pretty lucky: I didn’t have to wait in an infinitely long line-up of new students during the most busy time of year at a post secondary institution to create/reset a password for a web-site I otherwise don’t have to use…Thanks Dalton!

  4. It is now december and i still have not received a cheque in the mail for my textbook and technology grant but hey, who knows maybe i will receive it in time to pay for half of one of my books for second semester? I doubt it..

  5. @Ray – I got mine at the beginning of the school year along with anyone else I know who got OSAP.

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