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Ontario Liberals to fund 6,000 more graduate degrees

Only certain programs will get new money


Today, Ontario’s Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities announced the creation of 6,000 new spots for master and doctoral students in “high-demand and emerging fields – such as engineering, health and environmental studies.” The seats would be rolled out between now and 2015.  However, these plans may not come to fruition if the Liberal government loses the election in October, which looks increasingly today as a new Angus-Reid poll shows Premier Dalton McGuinty has an approval rating of just 19 per cent.


Ontario Liberals to fund 6,000 more graduate degrees

  1. Very few of these spots will go to Canadians as 90% of masters and doctoral students are primarly foreigners. Just another example of a program that will do nothing to help our citizens, students and economy.

  2. If Canadian undergraduate spent more time studying instead of drinking and protesting everything, they would be more likely to get into grad school.

    • There are plenty of Canadian students who spend their time studying, and who get excellent grades, but who can’t attend graduate school for a variety of reasons. I’m one of them. I’m as Canadian as they come (I don’t consider myself to belong to any other ethnicity), and I graduated at the top of my class from my undergraduate program. I successfully made it into graduate school, but I know a lot of my peers, who were excellent students, were unable to successfully find a graduate program that would accept them, despite their excellent grades and extensive work and research experience.

      First of all, the universities receive much more money from international students than from Canadian students, so they are much more interested in recruiting as many international students as possible. Thus, the Canadian students are at a disadvantage.

      In addition, getting funding for graduate school can be difficult. Many programs won’t accept graduate students unless they have an external source of funding. This can be difficult for Canadian graduate students as competition is fierce. On the other hand, foreign graduate students are often sponsored by their home governments, thus providing them with a source of funding.

      I have noticed at certain universities, profs are more likely to have graduate students who are of the same ethnicity of them. So I have seen plenty of Asian profs with almost exclusively Asian graduate students. The same holds true for almost every ethnicity in one department at a certain university with which I am familiar. In this department, it is extremely rare to see a graduate student who isn’t of the same, or a similar, ethnicity as the professor. Hello racism!

  3. Of course, in some programs (at least Arts & Sciences where students are more likely to be reliant on internal funding), it’s actually harder for visa students to get admitted. While they may be charged the international tuition rate, many programs top that up so that their funding picture is actually the same as domestic students.

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  5. All indications are, it is not going to happen. McGuinty is a goner.
    To plagarize a former PM, a liar is a liar, when you have a liar, then its proven you have a liar, or something like that.