Ontario to fund 60,000 PSE seats

Province says plan will cost $309 million


Ontario’s Liberal government is set to announce funding for 60,000 new post-secondary education seats in Tuesday’s budget. The plan, which would be fully realized by 2015-16, would cost approximately $309 million. The Canadian Press reported that despite a deficit of nearly $17 billion for the current fiscal year, Finance Minister Dwight Duncan says that education and health care will be safe from any cost cutting measures.

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Ontario to fund 60,000 PSE seats

  1. That’s nice. Now what are MP’s doing about maintaining the rule of law in the province of Ontario?


    Looks like bureacrats have corrupted the process and there needs to be some house cleaning to make sure that the benefit of Government programs is not arbitrarily.

    What is happening to the rule of law in the Province of Ontario. To be sure, the Conservatives have dropped the ball on this scandal, but when are the Liberals going to sort it out?

  2. Wait a minute, 60,000? Where are they going to find the qualified students? Most of the ones going into university now don’t deserve to be there. The only way we’re going to improve PS education in Ontario is to CUT the number of seats available.

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