Ottawa condo bans student renters

But Carleton student fights back


A condo board in Ottawa passed a rule in October that essentially outlawed students from renting in their building, because it required renters to be families, common-law or otherwise intending to live together permanantly. But Carleton University student Nicholas McLeod has collected enough signatures to force a vote on the ruling, which could overturn it at the annual general meeting at the Southgate Road building on Dec. 6. according to Metro News.


Ottawa condo bans student renters

  1. There’s nothing saying that students cant be permanent renters. Such discrimination for the actions of few, cannot speak for the many. It’s hard enough finding a safe, comfortable place to live.

  2. As a student who previously lived in these condos, I don’t completely understand the reasoning behind the ban. When I lived there, my roommates and I took care to take out our trash and pick it back up, keep our porch shoveled, maintain our tiny front garden, and be courteous to our fellow neighbours. We mostly tried to keep to ourselves and just wanted to be able to go home and get our work done. We had one party in the year we were living there and the only real incident we had with our neighbours was that a roommate had parked his car really poorly and they couldn’t get in to their parking spot. Aside from that, I think a lot of students living there were like my house: we wanted to live close to transit in an affordable home in a safe neighbourhood.

    It’s a bit odd that the condo corporation thinks that the townhouses are for families only. They’re condos across the street from a transit station and close to the South Keys shopping centre. This is great for anyone who doesn’t rely on a car and wants to walk to do their shopping: students, young professionals, whomever.

    Our landlord rented out the house to help pay for his mortgage. By kicking out the students, this also harms the landlords who may have kept their condo after they moved to help pay for their upgrade.

    The real issue that the meeting where they made the decision was not publicized properly. In fact, during the whole year I lived there, I never received any notice from the Condo corp informing us of any meetings or potential decisions. The only time we received mail was in November informing us that our garden had to be cleaned up.

    It all seems a little short-sighted.

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