Ottawa student federation sued over fees

Student doesn’t want his money funding political causes


A University of Ottawa student is suing his students’ union over the mandatory $92.60 fee it collects from all undergraduates. Edward Inch, 22, is taking the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa to small claims court to ask for his winter semester fees returned plus $210 in legal costs. His reasons are the political activities SFUO takes part in, like supporting Quebec protesters and striking postal workers. “They claim to represent all students, yet they take political positions I don’t agree with,” the 22-year-old chemistry major told the Ottawa Citizen.If I wanted to save the whales and save the postal workers, I’d do that in my spare time,” he added. SFUO rejects his claims.


Ottawa student federation sued over fees

  1. The article labels the young man as an angry student. I don’t beleive he is angry, I beleive he is concerned. Many students cannot afford to pay the forever rising costs of tuition fees. Take the U pass as an example. Some students are living in areas where there are no bus service, therefore why pay that extra fee? You should be allowed the freedom to choose the cause you wish to support. After all, is it not call “Union”? I support this young man 100%. And should the University not reimburse him for his costs or at least part of his legal fees, he did get your attention didn’t he?

  2. Thank you so much Binks,

    I hope to set a precedent allowing other students to obtain the refund they deserve.

    • It is nice to see someone addressing this issue. Although as a recent grad at Laurier I think I can thankfully say that none of my money was ever used by other students to protest causes which I disagreed with, although I can’t be entirely sure of this. I’m glad to hear you have taken up the cause that you have. It is certainly a worthy endeavor. Good luck!